Angela Smith

Day Ten

Final day of a great experience. I feel very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this residency. It has given me the space, time and an amazingly supportive and stimulating environment to progress my work. It was such a luxury not to be focussed on a final piece, but to explore new ideas, face dead ends and discover new directions.  The other artists were a joy to be around, thank you to them and of course, thank you Blue Monkey Network.

Blue Monkey badge


Day Nine

Lovely to be back in the studio. Wanted to explore space more, so I drew a panoramic style view of the first studio, this photo covers half of the drawing. I did aim to draw the whole space but this proved far too optimistic and time-consuming. Still, happy as ever, just drawing.

day 9


Day Eight

Day out of the studio today, spent mainly on the M25 and M4 taking paintings to Bath.

day 8Did allow for many hours of thinking time though. I’m now making more sense of the distinctions and similarities between my drawings, etchings and paintings. Particularly in terms of differing degrees of line, detail, colour, textures, surface and fluidity.

Day Seven

Lovely to welcome Judy and Hannah to the studio today, to chat about how everything’s progressing, noticeable how we all now seem at home in the space, it’ll be tough to leave it. Today seemed a fruitful day for all, here’s a peek at Judith in her space, and her mighty stones…

day7 Judith

I painted using ideas from the composition sketches I made last week, really helpful tool – must remember to repeat this process.

day7 IMG_2142

Got messy working wet into wet, experimenting with making and obliterating marks.

day7 IMG_2138

Bath/slab/bed/other you decide…

day7 IMG_2152

Day Six

Enough is enough, it was time for the paint to re-emerge. Some results predictable, some more interesting, but whatever the result it felt good to welcome back paint.



Day Five

Great day trying out the etching presses. Used drypoint both on acetate and perspex, good to get immediate results and play about with textures.




Day Four

Today was a tricky day, with work too predictable, so I went back to basics. Trying out different compositions, good to refer to.



Day Three

IMG_2049 day 3

Making steady progress, moving from pen to paint. Enjoying taking things step by step, reining back the instinct to run ahead.

Day Two

Feeling more at home, spent much of the day drawing fellow artists, becoming more familiar with new spaces.

day2Claire weba




So that’s Claire, Pat, Felicity and Sharon. I need to draw Judith too, but want to do it when she’s in her ‘lab’, growing stones.

Day One

Drawing, drawing, drawing …

Day 1a

First day, getting used to being in this great space, 6 of us in three large studios, luxury. Got to work quickly and enjoyed drawing Pat, Judith, Claire, Sharon and Felicity as they were setting up. In the afternoon I went out and about and discovered chairs galore, there’s something special about chairs to me, all connected to presence and absence, these were almost all empty, felt quite chilling.

day1aIMG_1899  day1aIMG_1903


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