Hannah Rogers

Blue Monkey Network member and artist, Hannah Rogers, visited the Shared Space residency at the beginning and end of the second week and chose to respond creatively to her visits in two pieces.


You are now entering the

Materials Research Lab

  Please leave all assumptions

& pre-conceptions

at the door

Feathers & Film

Water & Wire

Rollerblades & Rocks

Liquids & Light

Sketchbooks & Shadows

Charcoal & Challenges

Ink & Ideas

Touching, Testing

Expanding, Exploring

Wrapping & Wondering

Feeling & Finding

Seeing & Selecting

An aggregate of artists

dedicated to

Perceptive Play


Radical Revelation


The Residency:

The phone doesn’t ring

The postman doesn’t call

A neighbour doesn’t drop in

“just for a chat”

The washing machine doesn’t cry out

“feed me”

Emails don’t demand to be written

All is calm

The open space welcomes


“Come in and play

Put your cares to one side

Ignore the world

and play”

Serious Play

Perceptive Play

Play to discover

to expand

and to grow

Getting back to basics

What do I want to do?

Where’s my focus?

How can I make this work?

Or that flow?

Two whole weeks

Three studios

Six artists

Free –

to play

to learn

to be

Abandon your plans

Open your minds

A space to share

to extend and expand

Find new focus

Walk new paths

A Residency that Rocks!


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